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where the liberty-minded go for news

tn liberty is the liberty-minded citizen’s source for news including events, legislature, and laws concerning the state of Tennessee.

What We Have to Offer:

At tn liberty, you will find articles about upcoming events and meetings, as well as alerts for action items and the contact information for your state senators and representatives so that you can ACT.  We also hope to provide you with recent news about issues that concern our state and the citizens who live here.

In addition to news articles and events, we want to provide the liberty-minded citizens of Tennessee with the very best resources for tabling items, grassroots training, Get Out the Vote, phone banking, door-to-door campaigning, volunteer recruitment and retention, chapter building, candidate selection and campaign management, and ALL the things to help us WIN in the State of Tennessee and take back our Republic.  We will help citizens and groups with any advice that they need as well as host a forum for you to talk with one another.  Together, we can WIN!

We Want to Hear From You:

All liberty-minded, conservative, and classically liberal activists, students, campus and community leaders, and voters, are encouraged to contribute insights and events.  We want to know what is happening in YOUR county.  Please contact us with any important information about upcoming events, meetings, and action issues.  And, if you would like to contribute your original thoughts on a particular issue by making a post under our “insights” section, please contact us.  We’d love to hear from you!

Other Liberty Organizations:

tn liberty has also compiled a list of other national and local liberty-minded organizations that may be useful to you or your group.  These organizations provide resources from lobbying to news on various issues, events, tabling, chapter building, job opportunities, and discussion items.  The list is divided into sections entitled Liberty Folk to Follow, Liberty OrganizationsLiberty in Tennessee, and Liberty Resources and are located in the right sidebar.

TN Student Liberty:

There is also a list for TN Student Liberty, which provide direct access to the Facebook page or website of each student liberty organization at Tennessee’s many colleges and universities.  We recommend that all students take advantage of fighting for liberty on their campus.  You never know the connections you can create and the changes you will make just by being involved.  If your group is not listed, please contact us immediately and we will get you on the list.  Being listed is a great way for other liberty-organizations to see the amazing activists we have in Tennessee and who knows if a job offer is right around the corner!

For the “adult” groups and chapters out there, tn liberty suggests that you connect with the student groups in your area in order to offer your help and assistance.  If you are there for them, they will be there for you!  Remember, we are all in this fight for liberty together!

Winning in Tennessee:

As with any news source, we require the patronage of citizens like you in order to be the very best.  Your contributions to our site through original posts and alerting us to events and information in your area, as well as donations, will help us continue to be the number one site where the liberty-minded go for news in the state of tennessee.

We look forward to hearing from you soon and please, drop a dollar or two in the “hat” by clicking on the DONATE button located on the right sidebar.

Let’s show America just how great a liberty-minded Tennessee can be!

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