Sheriff Richard Mack to Speak in Tennessee at 1st Annual Tenn. Firearms Assoc. Statewide Event

Support TFA & our 1st Statewide Event – Boots, Badges, & Blues. October 10th. Special Guest: Sheriff Richard Mack.


Free Liberty Movie Night

Free Movie Night  “Agenda: Grinding America Down” Billy Bryan and Mitchell Morrison will be hosting a Free Movie night for the liberty-minded Thursday, February 20th at Jason’s Deli, in Memphis, TN. The Movie NIght begins at 6:30pm so please arrive by 6pm if you are interested in ordering dinner or a snack.  Read about the…

Sheriff Mack & TFA’s John Harris Speak to 8th District Tea Party Coalition

“A County Line Stand for Liberty” Nationally renowned Sheriff Richard Mack will be speaking alongside Executive Director John Harris of the Tennessee Firearms Association, Inc. at the 7th and 8th District Tea Party Coalition event.   Sheriff Richard Mack is responsible for launching the lawsuit that overturned part of the Brady federal gun control laws because of…