URGENT: Kill Obamacare in TN!


Help Us Kill Obamacare in TN!


Call and email the below Senators immediately!

mae beavers

Tell them to PASS Senate Bill 1888 by Senator Mae Beavers

The bill will be voted on next week:   February 4th, 2014


Special THANKS to the Tenth Amendment Center in TN for this announcement!

10th amendment center tumblr_static_tac_logo_wht_red

How does a liberty-minded individual in TN know that SB 1888 is a worthy bill and one that would advance Liberty in their state?  Because it made it on to the establishment’s radar via Gail Kerr of The Tennessean in her hit piece published on January 26, 2014.  If you are so inclined to read the utter Obama-loving socialist drivel of the sheeple, click here.

Do your part to get Obamacare OUT of TN!

Commerce and Labor Committee Members:

Committee Officers:

Jack Johnson, Chair

Phone:  (615) 741-2495,

Email:  sen.jack.johnson@capitol.tn.gov

Mark Green, 1st Vice-Chair

Phone:  (615) 741-2374

Email:  sen.mark.green@capitol.tn.gov

Charlotte Burks, 2nd Vice-Chair

Phone:  (615) 741-3978

Email:  sen.charlotte.burks@capitol.tn.gov

Committee Members:

• Dolores Gresham

Phone:  (615) 741-2368

Email:  sen.dolores.gresham@capitol.tn.gov

• Steve Southerland

Phone:  (615) 741-3851

Email:  sen.steve.southerland@capitol.tn.gov

• Reginald Tate

Phone:  (615) 741-2509

Email:  sen.reginald.tate@capitol.tn.gov

• Jim Tracy

Phone:  615-741-1066

Email:  sen.jim.tracy@capitol.tn.gov

• Bo Watson

Phone:  (615) 741-3227

Email:  sen.bo.watson@capitol.tn.gov

• Ken Yager

Phone:  (615) 741-1449

Email:  sen.ken.yager@capitol.tn.gov


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