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Liberty-Minded Groups

Are you a college, graduate, or professional student interested in Liberty?


Want to get involved in the movement?

Check out some of these organizations who help you start or join a conservative or liberty-minded group on your campus and provide training for all kinds of groups – college students and adults!

Remember the age for many of these student organizations are from age 18 all the way to age 39.  It’s never too late even to be a youth!

Group Training, Funding, & Recruitment


Discussing philosophy with other liberty-minded individuals certainly has its time and place, but each and every Young Americans for Liberty chapter and other liberty-minded chapters and groups (adults & students) should devote the majority of its efforts to outreach and activism.

YAL’s mission is to train, educate, and mobilize youth activists committed to “winning on principle.” Our goal is to cast the leaders of tomorrow and reclaim the policies, candidates, and direction of our government.  We can’t do any of that if we never move beyond private discussions of the finer details of our ideal free society.

Each year, YAL National organizes four to eight big activism events, which are indexed here.

We also encourage chapters to engage in locally-informed, independent activism projects in between the national events.

Click here for a list of unique activism ideas to get you started.

Remember some events are better suited for college groups, some would work for any liberty-minded group, and some may need a couple of tweaks to change it from a campus activism event to an adult group activism event.  If you need help with any of that, please contact TN Liberty and we will be glad to help.

Workshops, Seminars, Conventions, Conferences, Videos, & Webinars

  • Advocates for Self-Government
  • Students for Liberty
  • Young Americans for Liberty
    • YAL U:  Top Notch Activism Training at Your Computer, On Your Schedule
    • Speakers
  • The Leadership Institute/ Campus Leadership Program 
    • Webinars
      • Each week, join LI faculty for hour-long webinars on a variety of political topics. You can ask your own questions during live Q&A.
    • Online Video Library 
      • The Leadership Institute offers hours of training videos and archived webinars for conservatives to access at any time. Log in or create an account (see the upper right-hand corner of the screen) to start watching videos.
    • Conservative Speakers
      • Watch talks from leading conservative thinkers delivered at the Leadership Institute’s monthly Wednesday Wake-Up Club Breakfast.
    • Youth Leadership School
      • The Leadership Institute’s flagship school, nicknamed “the boot camp of politics,” provides you with effective techniques to organize and lead mass-based youth efforts for candidates and causes of your choice.
    • Campaign Management School
      • Regardless of the level of your political experience, learn the experts’ secrets of an effective campaign from announcement to Election Day. Our faculty includes today’s most experienced campaign professionals.
    • Campus Election Workshop
      • The Campus ElectionWorkshop teaches you how to run for – and win – student government elections.  FREE
    • Student Activism Conference
      • The Leadership Institute’s Student Activism Conference (SAC) equips conservative students to fight liberal bias and abuse on their college campuses.


Ballot Access News

  • BAN is the premier newsletter for up-to-date news about the continuing fight for fair and equitable ballot access laws.

Building Leadership

  • The Leadership Institute’s bi-monthly newsletter Building Leadership highlights conservative victories achieved through donor support.

Capitalism Magazine

  • A daily periodical commenting on political and cultural issues from an individual rights perspective.

The Freeman

  • The Freeman: Ideas on Liberty is the flagship publication of the Foundation for Economic Education and one of the oldest and most respected journals of liberty in America.

Journal of Libertarian Studies

  • (1977-2008) Founded by Murray Rothbard, the Journal has been the voice of scholarship in libertarian theory, the launching pad for the ideas that shaped the world of libertarianism, and the preeminent forum on revisionist historical research on war and interventionalism.

The Liberator Online

  • With nearly 45,000 subscribers in 100 countries, the Liberator Online is one of the most popular libertarian publications in the world.  It is a lively publication of expert communication tips and breaking libertarian news published by the Advocates for Self-Government.

Liberty Magazine

  • A journal of culture and politics written from a classical liberal point of view.

Reason Magazine

  • Reason is the monthly print magazine of “free minds and free markets.” It covers politics, culture, and ideas through a provocative mix of news, analysis, commentary and reviews.

Young American Revolution

  • The official publication of Young Americans for Liberty contains the best political, cultural and economic writing by a rising generation of anti-statists of all stripes, alongside essays and reviews by seasoned veterans of the Liberty Movement.

South Park PowerPoint:  The Philosophy of Liberty

south park powerA the 2010 YAL National Convention, then-YAL intern Vladimir Rudenko presented a South Park-themed Power Point titled “The Philosophy of Liberty.”

The presentation was a big hit and can assist you in describing liberty to your average apolitical classmate — especially if you follow Vlad’s lead and go all out doing South Park voices as you present.

Download the presentation here.


OPH: The Best Tool for Growing the Libertarian Movement

Operation Politically Homeless (OPH) from the Advocates for Self-Government is one of the most effective and widely-praised outreach tools in the Liberty Movement.

OPH empowers libertarian activists with everything they need to easily set up eye-catching oph-michelle-fieldsoutreach booths that entice passers-by to take the World’s Smallest Political Quiz and encounter libertarian ideas. Tens of thousands of Americans have been exposed to the ideas of a new political map thanks to OPH. Thousands have become libertarians, thanks to Operation Politically Homeless

And another great thing about OPH — it is FUN! Over and over again, users tell us how much fun they have with OPH. It’s a great outreach activity for new libertarians and veterans alike.

Each OPH Kit provides everything you need to supply a booth, including banners, posters, Quiz cards and even how-to training materials, so it’s a snap to run a libertarian outreach program at your next big event — just add volunteers!

Want to learn more? Everything you need to know about running an Operation Politically Homeless booth is available in the OPH Training Manual.

Get started with your successful outreach right away — order your OPH Kit today!

FREE OFFER FOR COLLEGE STUDENTS: If you are a college student, you can qualify for an OPH at NO COST to you!

  • Find out how here

Looking for a place to send your friends in order to convince them that they may love liberty a little more than they think?



Liberty Resource: 2013 Edition of FREE Gun Rights E-Book

Gun-Facts-Cover-v6.2-165wGun Facts by libertarian writer Guy Smith is a free ebook, updated in 2013. Smith says his book is devoted to “debunking gun control myths and providing citable evidence.”

Gun Facts has been downloaded into more than 165 countries with well over a million direct copies in circulation.

Gun Facts is written in an easy-to-read digest form. Each chapter presents common gun control myths and fallacies, then counters with documented facts (with over 530 detailed footnotes and numerous insightful charts). The book is concise, just a bit over 110 pages.

Gun Facts provides excellent info for speeches, debates, letters to editors, and more. Virtually every major gun control topic is covered: assault weapons,guns and crime, gun show “loopholes,” ballistic finger printing, firearm availability, gun control outside the U.S., accidents, etc. Finding information is fast and easy.

Gun Facts is a very useful resource on this crucial and sometimes contentious topic — and, again, it’s free in ebook form. (A paper copy is also available for purchase.)

100 FREE COPIES of After the Welfare State while supplies last from Students for Liberty!

after the welfare stateLast year we made it possible for any pro-liberty student group to request up to 500 free copies of After the Welfare State. We sent out over 150,000 books to over 470 student groups across the globe. We’re proud to announce that this year we will once again be fulfilling requests from pro-liberty student groups for 100 FREE copies of After the Welfare State to distribute on campus.

As past participants in our book projects can attest to, these books make fantastic resources at student activity fairs, reading groups, protests, demonstrations, and even as class curricula (yes, professors use them too)! Any group that is interested in studying and spreading these ideas is eligible to apply. The only requirement is that you provide pictures of your group distributing the books.

Our politicians and, frankly, our parents have failed us. They have used the mechanisms of the welfare state to hold power and live off the backs of future generations. Now we have to take our futures into own hands. If not us, who? If not now, when? The stakes are far too high to sit back and let this crisis continue to grow. As Tom Palmer notes “We can avert catastrophe and we can substitute for the welfare state institutions that are more just, more fair, more efficient, and more helpful to those in need.”  This is true, but the politicians will not fix it themselves. We have to educate and motivate our fellow students to take action. Only we, the youth, can fix this problem for ourselves and our future.

We cannot print and ship all of these books without your help. Please make a donation to support After the Welfare State.

Download your free PDF copy now from Students for Liberty! Or get your FREE e-book from the Advocates for Self-Government

Watch a video about After The Welfare State:

TN Liberty is CONSTANTLY Updating this page with the latest links to ALL your liberty resources.

Check back for more publications, free books, training, jobs opportunities, internships, and more from these organizations and others.


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