Spreading Liberty to the Colleges & Universities of Tennessee

tn liberty has provided an interactive map depicting all of the colleges and universities in Tennessee for you to use in order to spread liberty to students across the state.

Directions for operating this interactive map, information on what you will find listed under each location on the map, and how to best use this information to spread liberty is located below.

Operating The Map:

Click the check box next to the layer that you would like to view.  You can zoom in or out using the + or – buttons located in the bottom left corner of the map.  Each layer shows the following information:

  • Layer 1:
  • Layer 2:
    • TN colleges & universities that do NOT have a student liberty group are marked with a color place point and labeled with letters A through X.
  • Layer 3:
    • TN colleges & universities that have a College Republican Chapter or a 2nd Amendment group from which you could find liberty-minded students in order to start a YAL or SFL Chapter are marked with a red square.


Group Information:

  • When you click on each college or university, you will find information about the student group, the address for the school, and multiple websites in order to contact the student group.
  • This is a great way to find out more about each student group, see how active they are, and to gauge the liberty interest level among students at that school.
  • Students who have joined the College Republicans may have done so because it was the only “conservative” group on campus or their liberty journey may have evolved since joining.  Maybe they are ready to start or be a part of a new YAL or SFL group!


Please Remember:

  • BE KIND and work WITH the College Republicans.
  • Working together makes everything so much easier when starting student groups!


New  & Not Listed Groups:

  • If you know of a liberty-minded group on a TN college campus and it is NOT listed, please contact us so that we can add it immediately.
  • Also, If you start a group – Let us Know!  We’d love to promote your new liberty group and help you get off to a great start!


Need Help Starting a Group or Training Your Group?

  • If you need any help starting a liberty-minded student group or help with organization or training,  tn liberty is here to help. Just contact us.  We are trained and skilled in group management, organization, tabling, recruitment, and activism and we’re happy to help!




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