Election 2014: TN General Assembly Races & Candidates

edited and reposted from the TN Report


The Tennessee Secretary of State’s Office has released the list of candidates qualifying to run for seats in the state Legislature this year.  Republican and Democratic primaries are Aug. 7, 2014 and  the general election is Nov. 4, 2014.   Below is an index of seats contested either in the primary or general elections.

Twenty incumbent Republicans and six sitting Democratic lawmakers are facing challenges in the August primary.  Eleven races in which there are two or more candidates do not include an incumbent and in only one race, House District 30 — comprised by part of Hamilton County in Southeast Tennessee — is a non-incumbent picking up a seat without challenge:  Rep. Vince Dean, R-East Ridge, is retiring and will be replaced by Marc Gravitt, also a Republican from East Ridge, TN.

Ten of the 17 state Senate elections this year are contested.  Elections are held for all 99 House of Representatives seats in even-numbered years.  Of those, 60 have at least two candidates running in either the primary or general.

This is your chance Tennessee to CLEAN HOUSE!  Please check out TennesseeVotes, Project VoteSmart, the Tennessee State Election site, Conservative Congress, and Politics1.  You can also check out the Tennessee Firearms Association for more information about bills concerning our 2nd Amendment rights.

You can also check out the Capitol TN General Assembly website and follow the instructions below to see the bills and vote records of every legislator.

How can I see how someone voted?

  1. Select “Legislation” then “Bill Search” from the navigation bar above.
  2. Search for bill by number or keyword.
  3. The search results will show you the bill status page. The bill status page displays the bill summary, fiscal notes, amendments, bill history, and votes if there has been a vote.
  4. Click on “Votes” to see every vote taken on that bill, including subcommittee, full committee and floor votes.
  • If a member wishes to be recorded differently than the prevailing vote, this will be noted. In this case, you may see: “Voice Vote, Ayes Prevail. Member(s) noted as voting to the contrary of the voice vote conclusion: Smith.”
  • Or: “Voice Vote, Ayes Prevail. Member(s) noted as voting to the contrary of the voice vote conclusion: Smith. Members noted as Present Not Voting: Taylor.”
  • If a roll call vote was taken, each committee or subcommittee member’s vote is recorded and tallied.

Tennessee Senate

District 7

  • Republican: Mike Alford, Knoxville
  • Republican: Richard Briggs, Knoxville
  • Republican (Incumbent): Stacey Campfield, Knoxville
  • Democrat: Cheri Siler, Knoxville

District 15 (No incumbent — Charlotte Burks, D-Monterey, retiring)

  • Republican: State Rep. Paul Bailey, Sparta
  • Republican: Gary Steakley, Cookeville
  • Republican: Matt Swallows, Cookeville
  • Democrat: Betty Vaudt, Cookeville
  • Independent: William L. Draper, Gainesboro

District 17

  • Republican (Incumbent): Mae Beavers, Mt. Juliet
  • Republican: Clark Boyd, Lebanon

District 19

  • Republican: Sterlina Inez Brady, Nashville
  • Democrat (Incumbent): Thelma M. Harper, Whites Creek
  • Democrat: Brandon J. Puttbrese, Nashville

District 21 (No incumbent — Douglas Henry, D-Nashville, retiring)

  • Republican: Mwafaq Aljabbary, Antioch
  • Republican: Diana Cuellar, Nashville
  • Republican: Quincy McKnight, Antioch
  • Democrat: Mary Mancini, Nashville
  • Democrat: Jeff Yarbro, Nashville

District 25

  • Republican: State Rep. Joshua G. Evans, Greenbrier
  • Republican: Kerry Roberts (former state senator), Springfield
  • Republican (Incumbent): Jim Summerville, Dickson
  • Republican: Wayne White, Cumberland Furnace
  • Democrat: Tony Gross, Kingston Springs

District 27 (No incumbent — Lowe Finney, D-Jackson, retiring)

  • Republican: Brandon Dodds, Newbern
  • Republican: Ed Jackson, Jackson
  • Democrat: Randy Lamb, Jackson
  • Constitution: Tim York, Jackson
  • Independent: James A. Baxter, Jackson

District 29

  • Republican: James R. “Jim” Finney, Memphis
  • Republican: Anthony D. Herron, Jr., Memphis
  • Democrat: Ricky W. Dixon, Memphis
  • Democrat (Incumbent): Ophelia E. Ford, Memphis
  • Democrat: Lee Harris, Memphis
  • Democrat: Herman Sawyer, Memphis

District 31

  • Republican (Incumbent): Brian Kelsey, Germantown
  • Republican: Jim Tomasik, Cordova

District 33

  • Democrat: E. Jefferson Jones, Memphis
  • Democrat (Incumbent): Reginald Tate, Memphis

Tennessee House of Representatives

District 2

  • Republican: Nicholas Castle, Kingsport
  • Republican: Bud Hulsey, Kingsport
  • Republican (Incumbent): Tony Shipley, Kingsport
  • Libertarian: J.R. Enfield, Kingsport

District 3

  • Republican (Incumbent): Timothy Hill, Blountville
  • Republican: Kevin Parsons, Mountain City

District 4 (No Incumbent — Kent Williams, I-Elizabethton, retiring) 

  • Republican: John B. Holsclaw, Jr., Johnson City
  • Republican: Judy R. Veeneman, Elizabethton
  • Democrat: Rob Martin, Erwin

District 5

  • Republican (Incumbent): David B. Hawk, Greeneville
  • Republican: Ted Hensley, Chuckey
  • Independent: Kermit E. Steck, Greeneville

District 6

  • Republican: Clayton Stout, Johnson City
  • Republican (Incumbent): James (Micah) Van Huss, Johnson City

District 7

  • Republican: Phil Carriger, Johnson City
  • Republican: Todd Mitchell Franklin, Jonesborough
  • Republican (Incumbent): Matthew Hill, Jonesborough

District 11

  • Republican (Incumbent): Jeremy Faison, Newport
  • Democrat: Marjorie J. Ramsey, Newport
  • Independent: Roland A. Dykes III, Newport

District 13

  • Republican: Jason Emert, Knoxville
  • Republican: Eddie Smith, Knoxville
  • Democrat (Incumbent): Gloria Johnson, Knoxville

District 15

  • Democrat (Incumbent): Joseph “Joe” Armstrong, Knoxville
  • Independent: Pete Drew, Knoxville

District 18 

  • Republican: Martin Daniel, Knoxville
  • Republican (Incumbent): Steve Hall, Knoxville

District 20

  • Republican (Incumbent): Bob Ramsey, Maryville
  • Democrat: John Ross Conley, Friendsville

District 21

  • Republican (Incumbent): Jimmy Matlock, Lenoir City
  • Democrat: Pamela O. Weston, Sweetwater

District 22 (No incumbent — Eric Watson, R-Cleveland, retiring)

  • Republican: Dan Howell, Georgetown
  • Republican: J. Adam Lowe, Cleveland

District 25

  • Republican (Incumbent): Cameron Sexton, Crossville
  • Democrat: Judy Barnett, Crossville

District 27 (No incumbent — Richard Floyd, R-Chattanooga, retiring)

  • Republican: Tommy Crangle, Signal Mountain
  • Republican: Patsy Hazlewood, Signal Mountain
  • Republican: Tom McCullough, Chattanooga
  • Republican: Charlie White, Chattanooga
  • Democrat: Eric Mcroy, Chattanooga

District 31

  • Republican; Jim Cobb, Spring City, (former state representative)
  • Republican (Incumbent): Ron Travis, Dayton

District 32

  • Republican (Incumbent): Kent Calfee, Kingston
  • Democrat: Joe Kneiser, Harriman

District 33

  • Republican: Caitlin Nolan, Oak Ridge
  • Republican (Incumbent): John D. Ragan, Oak Ridge
  • Democrat: Misty Neergaard, Oak Ridge

District 35

  • Republican (Incumbent): Dennis “Coach” Roach, Rutledge
  • Republican: Jerry Sexton, Bean Station

District 36

  • Republican (Incumbent): Dennis Powers, Jacksboro
  • Democrat: James Virgil Kidwell, Lafollette

District 37

  • Republican: Eddie Smotherman, Murfreesboro
  • Republican (Incumbent): Dawn White, Murfreesboro

District 39

  • Republican (Incumbent): David Alexander, Winchester
  • Republican: Jack R. Daniel, Huntland
  • Democrat: Matthew Huffer, Normandy

District 40

  • Republican (Incumbent): Terri Lynn Weaver, Lancaster
  • Democrat: Sarah Marie Smith, Carthage

District 42

  • Republican (Incumbent): Ryan Williams, Cookeville
  • Democrat: Michael R. Walsh, Cookeville

District 43 (No incumbent — Paul Bailey, R-Sparta, running for state Senate Dist. 17)

  • Republican: Robert F. Dunham, Sparta
  • Democrat: Kevin Dunlap, Rock Island
  • Democrat: Kristopher Gore, McMinnville
  • Democrat: James Thomas Jacobs, McMinnville
  • Independent: Edward Leon Buck, Sparta

District 45

  • Republican (Incumbent): Courtney Rogers, Goodlettsville
  • Republican: Leonard J. Silverman, Goodlettsville
  • Democrat: Steven D. Puckett Jr., Hendersonville

District 46

  • Republican (Incumbent): Mark Pody, Lebanon
  • Democrat: Candace Reed, Lebanon

District 48 (No incumbent — Joe Carr, R-Lascassas, running for U.S. Senate)

  • Republican: Adam Coggin, Murfreesboro
  • Republican: Rick Peppers, Murfreesboro
  • Republican: Bryan Terry, Murfreesboro
  • Democrat: William Bill Campbell, Murfreesboro

District 49

  • Republican (Incumbent): Mike Sparks, Smyrna
  • Republican: Robert Stevens, Smyrna
  • Democrat: Mike Williams, Smyrna

District 50

  • Republican: Troy Brewer, Nashville
  • Democrat (Incumbent): Bo Mitchell, Nashville

District 51 (No incumbent — Mike Turner, D-Old Hickory, retiring)

  • Republican: Brian L. Mason, Nashville
  • Republican: Joshua Rawlings, Old Hickory
  • Democrat: Bill Beck, Nashville
  • Democrat: Stephen Fotopulos, Nashville
  • Democrat: Jennifer Buck Wallace, Nashville

District 53

  • Republican: John Wang, Nashville
  • Democrat (Incumbent): Jason Powell, Nashville

District 55

  • Democrat: John Ray Clemmons, Nashville
  • Democrat (Incumbent): Gary Odom, Nashville

District 57

  • Republican (Incumbent): Susan Lynn, Mt. Juliet
  • Democrat: Jesse McLevain, Mt. Juliet

District 60

  • Republican: Jim Gotto, Hermitage, former state representative
  • Democratic (Incumbent): Darren Jernigan, Old Hickory

District 61

  • Republican: Steve Gawrys, Brentwood
  • Republican (Incumbent): Charles Sargent, Franklin

District 63

  • Republican (Incumbent): Glen Casada, Thompson’s Station
  • Republican: Cherie Hammond, Brentwood

District 64

  • Republican (Incumbent): Sheila Butt, Columbia
  • Independent: James Gray, Columbia

District 65

  • Republican (Incumbent): Jeremy Durham, Franklin
  • Democrat: Brian N. Johnson, Franklin
  • Democrat: William S. Peach, Franklin

District 66 (No incumbent — Joshua Evans, R-Greenbrier, running for state Senate Dist. 25)

  • Republican: William B. Brewer, Greenbrier
  • Republican: Matt Burnett, Greenbrier
  • Republican: Sabi (Doc) Kumar, Springfield
  • Republican: Chris Orndorff, Springfield
  • Republican: Bryan Switzer, Springfield
  • Democrat: Kyle Roberts, Cross Plains

District 67

  • Democratic (Incumbent): Joe Pitts, Clarksville
  • Constitution: Mike Warner, Clarksville

District 69

  • Republican: Michael G. Curcio, Dickson
  • Democrat (Incumbent): David Shepard, Dickson

District 71

  • Republican: David “Coach” Byrd, Waynesboro
  • Republican (Incumbent): Vance Dennis, Savannah

District 73

  • Republican (Incumbent): Jimmy Eldridge, Jackson
  • Democrat: Shelia L. Godwin, Oakfield

District 74

  • Republican: Jay D. Reedy, Erin
  • Republican: Keith A. Svadba, Clarksville
  • Democratic (Incumbent): John C. Tidwell, New Johnsonville

District 75

  • Republican (Incumbent): Tim Wirgau, Buchanan
  • Democrat: Charles Cooper, Camden
  • Democrat: Randy Patton, Camden
  • Independent: James L. Hart, Buchanan

District 76

  • Republican (Incumbent): Andy Holt, Dresden
  • Democrat: Joyce Washington, Martin

District 77

  • Republican (Incumbent): Bill Sanderson, Kenton
  • Democrat: Mark Oakes, Dyersburg

District 78

  • Republican (Incumbent): Mary Littleton, Dickson
  • Democrat: Jane R. Crisp, Pegram

District 79

  • Republican (Incumbent): Curtis Halford, Dyer
  • Democrat: Bobby G. Barnett, Humboldt
  • Independent: David Nance, Trenton

District 81

  • Republican: Rory Bricco, Covington
  • Republican (Incumbent): Debra Moody, Covington

District 84

  • Democrat (Incumbent): Joe Towns, Memphis
  • Democrat: Kenneth L. Wells, Memphis

District 85

  • Democrat: RS Ford, Memphis
  • Democrat (Incumbent): Johnnie R. Turner, Memphis

District 86

  • Republican: George T. Edwards III, Millington
  • Democrat (Incumbent): Barbara Cooper, Memphis

District 88

  • Republican: Harry Barber, Bartlett
  • Democrat (Incumbent): Larry J. Miller, Memphis

District 91

  • Republican: Samuel Watkins, Memphis
  • Republican: Orrden Williams, Jr., Memphis
  • Democrat (Incumbent): Raumesh A. Akbari, Memphis

District 92

  • Republican (Incumbent): Billy Spivey, Lewisburg
  • Democrat: Vicki C. Cain, Lewisburg

District 93

  • Republican: Colonel Gene Billingsley, Memphis
  • Democrat (Incumbent): G.A. Hardaway Sr., Memphis

District 94 (No incumbent – Barrett Rich R-Somerville, retiring)

  • Republican: Stephen Lee Hale, Rossville
  • Republican: Hal Rounds, Somerville
  • Republican: Leigh Rosser Wilburn, Somerville

District 96

  • Republican (Incumbent): Steve McManus, Cordova
  • Democrat: Hilman D. Thompson, Cordova

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